Season of giving.

Thank you for another incredible Giving Tuesday. End of year giving is just getting started, get those charitable contributions in now!

Modern fundraising online is all about building relationships.

It's time to start thinking beyond basic transaction processing like PayPal. Mightycause helps you develop lasting supporter relationships while saving money.

Mightycause products

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Nonprofit fundraising at any scale

Access unlimited campaigns, essential donor management tools, detailed metrics and reporting, and a donation widget for your website.

Year-round support, marketing, & CRM

Customize your fundraising experience with an embeddable donation form, full service donor management, peer-to-peer events and more.

Team & Event fundraising

Peer-to-Peer fundraising made easy with leaderboards, event registration, fundraising templates and easy onboarding for your participants.

Giving Days & Giving Events

A fully branded and customizable event website, participant management & analytics dashboard, and best-in-class project management.

How can we help?

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